Consumer spending calculation

Part of the planning is what you spend. We make separate visible what the income (interest, profit, investment result) and costs (interest, repayment, premium) of your financial products are. With this tool you can show what you spend on other things; of course you do not have to use the sections already completed by us. The tool also gives you the opportunity to think carefully about how, for how long and under what circumstances the expenses will stay that way. We use that outcome in our calculations of your financial future.

Downloads from the Dutch government

Some information you share with the Dutch government you can download. Examples are the so-called (social) insurance message of the UWV, the preliminarily completed tax return and the pension overview. If you can deliver those downloads in xml-format so our software can efficiently store that information you will reduce our effort to create your plan and thus manage the costs of that creation. Because we want to avoid our instruction not delivering the results we will only use this feature if you master the Dutch language sufficiently. Please go to this page in Dutch if you want to use this functionality.

Money Plans

On this page you can choose from eight so-called Money Plans as created by the National Budgeting Institute. This is not the same as a financial plan from a certified financial planner. Nevertheless, if you sufficiently master the Dutch language we expect you to have a good preparation and that this will make a conversation with us even more valuable. Please note: we do not save anything on your input, so if you want us to use it later, you must register on that site and send the data to your Your Financials advisor after saving.


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