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You can contact us for your independent, personal and relevant financial plan, tailored advice for your mortgage, your entrepreneur's pension, collective pension and how to deal financially with major incidents such as occupational disability


In a financial planning for entrepreneurs, we first look together at your current financial situation. It provides insight and overview of all aspects in your finances. An important, if not the most important aspect here are your personal wishes.


Important issues

  • Where do I stand if I end my business?

  • Where do I stand if I sell my business?

  • What are the consequences if I sell or donate my company to my children?

  • What income does my partner have after my death?

  • What is my income if I become unfit for work?


In a financial planning for entrepreneurs, both the private and business situation are examined. Large decisions that may have an impact are, for example, the desire to buy another property, make large expenditures or work less.


The following is the advice on how to adjust your finances in such a way that the wishes can be implemented as much as possible.


If new financial products are needed, we can often mediate this for you without our objectivity being compromised. An alternative is that we give a second opinion about proposals for you from different providers.


Personal financial planning for entrepreneurs from Your Financials provides insight into the situation now and at company closure, retirement, incapacity for work or death.


Independent mortgage advice for your first home or just the last one? The demand for information and advice on the purchase of your first home will differ with that when purchasing your third or last home. With independent mortgage advice from the financial planners at Your Financials, you are assured of appropriate advice tailored to your personal situation.


Who can you contact if you are looking for truly independent mortgage advice? Many banks and insurers will only offer you their own products and therefore by definition can not provide truly independent mortgage advice. Some mortgage lenders now have a specific proposition for entrepreneurs. Our consultants know the way and can therefore add value by not letting private and company get mixed up too quickly. This is also important from the point of view of the continuity of your company and your family.


A low monthly payment or mortgage interest is of course important. But have you ever considered the following questions?

  • Is there a possibility to prepay the loan?

  • Do you pay a prepayment fee when you sell the property?

  • Do you now receive a discount on the interest and are you penalized for interest rate extensions because you are not a new customer?

  • Can you raise the mortgage later without any costs?

  • How reliable is your lender?

  • What happens when you become incapacitated and have to sell or discontinue your business?

  • Can your partner and / or children still live in the house if you die unexpectedly? And if you sell your company?

And there are many points that determine the value of the advice you receive.


The pension scheme is an important employment condition for employees. Provisions for the old age and for survivors are of a completely different order for entrepreneurs.


If you are an entrepreneur, perhaps you are self-employed or freelancer, you can not build on the way an employee can accrue pension. You will need to delve deeply into the possibilities and impossibilities of pension for entrepreneurs. But especially in which scheme best suits you and your company.


What questions do you have?

  • If my accountant says he has already arranged for an old-age scheme, what does that mean?

  • What does the level of business capital have to do with the old-age reserve?

  • My company is my pension, but how much will the company then have to pay?

  • Can I live on the rental income of my former business premises?

  • If I die, can my relatives still provide for their livelihood?

  • What financial product do I have to take out for my retirement provision?

  • What are the tax consequences of the various schemes?

  • What measures can I take with my own pension within my B.V.?


Your company is not a static entity and a pension for entrepreneurs is neither. That is why the specialist of Your Financials will monitor this, together with you or your accountant. Then you can make timely adjustments, if necessary. If you want to know more about the pension for entrepreneurs, consult the financial planners of Your Financials.


The collective pension within your company is an important employment condition and lately in the news. Coverage ratios, pension agreement, financeability, all terms from the news that influence pension. Also on the pension of your employees.


It goes without saying that you are supported on this subject by a truly independent pension specialist. Your Financials focuses on the broad advice regarding the collective pension and the regulations that come with it. Whether it concerns advising a new pension scheme, modernizing an existing scheme, the introduction of a Premium Pension Institution (PPI) or communication towards employees: the pension specialists of Your Financials can support you in all these aspects.

Support on multiple levels

The services of Your Financials are characterized by tailored advice, such as this not exhaustive list of our services.

  • Designing/measuring a collective pension

  • Guidance on extension of pension schemes

  • Modernize pension plans

  • Support for works council

  • Give second opinion on pension schemes or pension proposals

  • Premium forecasting calculations

  • Set up and implement communication plan to employees and works councils

  • Display future cost development

  • Negotiating costs pension insurer costs

  • Guidance on takeover, merger or liquidation of a company

  • Providing training

  • Inform staff members about how a retirement provision can be accrued if no collective pension scheme is applicable.

At Your Financials you are assured of an independent advice about your collective pension and you have all the expertise you need.


Certainly for entrepreneurs, the financial consequences of work disability are enormous. How big these are depends on your personal situation. It is therefore important to map the risks so that you can see what happens when you unexpectedly become fully or partially unfit for work. This requires a good inventory of your current and future financial position.

Did you know that every year one in ten entrepreneurs face work disability? If you become incapacitated as an owner/director, entrepreneur or self-employed person, the government assumes that you have made own arrangements and there is therefore no safety net for this. The occupational disability insurance is specifically for this purpose. If you have to stop working entirely or partially due to incapacity for work, your income or part of it will fall away. With a benefit from the occupational disability insurance you can continue living without major financial worries.


But how much should such a benefit be, and do you not pay too much for superfluous extras? Your Financials supports you in charting your financial position in case of incapacity for work and advises on the right starting points.



  • Understandable explanation about the consequences of incapacitated work and possible solutions

  • Objective analysis of your current and future financial position

  • Expert advice on the most appropriate solution in your personal situation

  • If applicable, support in selecting the characteristics of the most appropriate insurance

We are happy to tell you more about incapacity for work and financial planning among entrepreneurs.


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