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Jan N. van der Wel MFP FFP CFP©

Expertise, life experience and many hours "on the job" in the financial sector characterize Jan as a professional. He is known as a go-getter who continues with unremitting energy until the set goal is achieved. Understandable explanation and critical approach can certainly be added as properties.

Jan is a financial specialist in the areas of financial planning, mortgages, assets and pensions. In the past 10 years he has advised countless private and business clients. Amongst them (large) employers and pension funds. For years, at one of the pension funds recommending Jan to its participants he scores an average of 9 out of 10.

The high customer satisfaction is also apparent from the many clients who return to him for further financial advice or in case of changed financial circumstances.

For references from private individuals, he is affiliated with Advieskeuze (Dutch Consumers Association).

As a speaker on financial topics, he is a frequent guest at Business News Radio. Since October 2017, Jan is a member of the Board of the Federation of Estate Planners (FVP).


Jan N. van der Wel


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