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René; 24 July 2019

The final advice was very clear, the consultant also provided several calculations to clarify the advice. A point for improvement is the sometimes lean explanations in the report, in the interview he more than compensated for this by explaining the data presented very well.

Rob, 20 July 2019

The advisor has been assisting us for years with important financial matters. This is also the case in this case where we needed a mortgage to make our living house stable. As always, the consultant has again done an excellent job. Our additional mortgage was arranged in no time thanks to his tireless efforts. In addition to expertise, we also do not want to mention the interpersonal contact with the consultant. Extremely enjoyable, positive and humorous, therefore extremely pleasant to work with.

Vanessa; 17 juli 2019

The advisor was very professional and really took time to listen to us. His expertise combined with his strong communication style made our experience working with him very pleasant.