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ABG, 13 December 2019

Our situation was very complex. Mario has done excellent work and explained all necessary steps to the solution. He was very good in reaching external partners to obtain specific advice.

Stephan, 4 November 2019

Because of my very good experiences with Your Financials, I contacted Mario van Teijlingen for a complex mortgage con-version. Mario has really exceeded all our high expectations. Together with him I have been able to take all the bumps smoothly; planning from approach to the actual transaction at the notary. The conversion was certainly no small feat and led to frustrations towards the old mortgage provider. With Mario's skills and tenacity he worked thoroughly towards a clear tailor-made advice for my wife and me. An advice that not only makes us much cheaper in terms of monthly load, but that also optimally fits our future wishes. For us, Mario is the 'financial planner of the year'.

Fons; 27 October 2019

We are very satisfied with the end result. However, we ran into some ambiguities in the draft report, but they were well clarified in the final meeting. Tip: explain a bit more about the report structure in so there are fewer uncertainties with the customer. Because the report is generated by a software package, some of the ambiguities arose. If a little more general explanation seen, for example, prior to the report, on the methodology, it becomes more understandable.

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