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PA, 22 oktober 2020

We felt that our meeting with Mario went very well, was clear and gave us the results we were looking for.

US/NL couple, 22 augustus 2020

Mario is wonderful to work with for a lot of reasons. He is personable, to the point, detailed, flexible, and he really knows his stuff. We needed someone with international expertise because we have investments in two countries, and Mario fit the bill. Rightly or wrongly, one of the criteria that I use for selecting advice of this type is how interested the advisor is in getting into the detail. Mario would not compromise on the information he needed - and he know exactly what he was looking for. He patiently waited until we could locate the requested documents. His desire to 'get it right' had valuable impact on the quality and accuracy of his report and advice. We see him a bit as a 'detective' or 'sleuth' - in the very positive sense!

Maja, 6 juli 2020

De gesprekken verliepen in een prettige sfeer. Ik vond het heel belangrijk dat er in begrijpelijke taal over een voor mij ingewikkelde materie werd gesproken. Dat lukt Mario heel goed. Het hele proces is wat mij betreft naar volle tevredenheid verlopen.

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